The work is a tribute to Edvard Munch.

A mobile composed of five elements – two mirrors, a human torso and two heads made of tin - suspended on thin steel wires, which in turn hang on four forged iron rods.

The torso is not a torso in the classical sense, as it is a head with outstretched arms. It hangs upside-down and nearly touches the floor.

It is not difficult to recognise Edvard Munch in the two heads: in one, the formal posture is well-known from his self-portraits; in the other, emotional with wide-opened eyes and mouth, reminiscent of his work, „The Scream“.

The back of one of the mirrors is black; that of the the second is in white. The mirror not only brings what was outside inside; it also reflects that which is inside outwardly.

Due to the movable elements, various constellations are formed.

Shown in the exhibition „Bodyscapes“ in the Fort in Kristiansand/Norway in August 2005. Lost since then. I would be grateful for information regarding the whereabouts of this work.

Edvard´s Scream. 2005, tin, iron, mirror, c.300 cm high < 17/18 >